Why Did I Become an Erotica Writer?

In my last post I shared how I got to this point in my life. Today I’m going to talk about the why – what possessed a shy, sensible married lady in her early 30s to try her hand at launching a secret erotica career?

Two reasons. Money and fun.

  • I love to write. I’ve written professionally (on and off) for several years; I’ve written for the sheer love of it all my life.
  • I also live in one of the most expensive cities in Europe. I have a day job that I enjoy, but salaries in my city haven’t kept pace with a recent surge in house prices (hell, readers from everywhere, does this sound familiar?). The idea of pursuing a second income has started to look very appealing.
  • I began to think about what skills I could leverage into an income – and enjoy in the process, since this is strictly a free-time endeavour.

What else but writing is fun, lucrative and can be done without getting dressed?

Well, a couple of things, but you’d need to ask Kayla and Sally, my two main characters, about that. . .



One thought on “Why Did I Become an Erotica Writer?

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