If You’re New to Self-Publishing and Want Something New to Worry About. . .

. . . you could do worse than read Simon Garfield’s excellent book on fonts, Just My Type.

My cover designer (whose work you will get to see very soon) picked great fonts for my cover, and as I’m planning an e-book only release of Lights Out, I don’t need to worry too much about interior fonts. I am considering a paperback release down the line, but in the meantime, the only fonts I need to think about are the ones on my blog.

Which I am becoming obsessed with, thanks to Mr. Garfield.

I am of the opinion that good design and good fonts are invisible. As soon as I look at something and think ‘Oooh, nice font!’ the design hasn’t done its job. I’m looking at the medium and not the message.

Which isn’t a bad metaphor for writing in general, really, and it’s why I’m not writing my erotic novels in iambic pentameter or Papyrus. I have Views about Papyrus and they could get me arrested.



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