Lights Out

Coming to a Kindle near you on 30th April 2015

Lights Out, by Amy Temple. Cover by Design for Writers.

Lights Out, by Amy Temple. Cover by Design for Writers.

Some secrets only come out at night. . .

Thrown out of her last job in disgrace, professional escort Kayla Allen arrives at London’s top brothel for a fresh start secured by Jack, her mysterious client/lover. Jack can’t bail her out again – one more screw-up and she’ll find herself trying to survive without a single job on her CV, her dream of owning her own brothel up in smoke.

Kayla really needs to stick to the rules this time. And the biggest rule is: no sleeping with your colleagues.

After lights out. . .

But Kayla had reckoned without the gorgeous Sally Miller. Dominant, beautiful, and magnetic, Sally embodies everything Kayla has dreamed of since she was a schoolgirl. After lights out each night, Sally draws Kayla into a world of sexual discovery so powerful that it threatens the poise, the persona and the secrets that Kayla has kept all her life.

When tragedy strikes what remains of Kayla’s family, she must choose between the future she’s fighting for, and the forbidden lover she can’t give up.

What secrets can stay in the dark – and what secrets must come out?




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